I Was Resigned to Being Overweight
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I Was Resigned To My Weight -It Would NEVER Change

My Story - It Could Be Yours Too

I've been around the barn a few times.  I've tried tons of diets. Some worked for a while and some didn't   About 10 years ago I became resigned to the "fact" that my weight wasn't going to change.   None of the diets gave me that feeling of "this is going to be permanent."   If I took my mind of the diet for just a second, I was back to the same old place.

A few months back I decide that I need to "change my mindset about my online businesses."   My wife was going to a Hypnotherapist and seemed to be making progress at reaching inside herself.  I decided to give it a try.

She recommended a book by a Dr. Joe Dispenza called "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself."   I purchased it (on Audible)  and changes started to happen.

As I got into the book  I decided that I needed to take time out and focus on my health and my weight before I tackled the business angles.   I had been putting off really looking at becoming thin for a long time.  I always told myself that I'd "get around to that once ....".   At various times I would fill in the ... with different excuses.   The book and his meditations gave me the tools to do some radical changing. 

As I said, I started because I wanted to focus on changing my mindset about my business, but the detour is changing my life and I have decided to share my journey toward being thin. 

MEDITATION:  Joe's work is with the Quantum Field, but parallels very close to Ester Hicks Law of Attraction talks with Abraham.I had been doing meditation using an Ap called Headspace on my phone. I did 60 days and then fell off. I started again about 3 months ago. I kept wondering "Why am I doing this?" It didn't seem to be taking me anywhere. Well I found out why, it was training I had to have in order to take on Joe's Meditations. The two meditations that come with the Breaking the Habits book (for an extra $10) are each over an hour long. There is no way I could have possibly done them without the 90 plus straight days I had done with Headspace.I have done his hour long medication every day for over three weeks now and am heading toward thinness and exercising every day.

Joe talks about how we repeat certain actions until they are hard wired in the brain. (Think about how you drive your car) The first step to changing these habits is to find out what they are.  One big example for me is that I discovered that the internal signal for my hand to put another fork full of food in my mouth was swallowing part of the last mouthful. I've been told "You eat too fast" for years. Now I can see the habit and am working to replace it with the signal is my mouth is COMPLETELY empty from the last bite. It will take quite a while before that is hard wired but it WILL happen.     

The first thing that I am changing is that the feeling of RESIGNATION HAS TO GO!

Knowing That Our Bad Habits are Hard Wired Into Our Brains

Just like we drive a car on automatic pilot, get dressed on automatic pilot, sit down to work on automatic pilot, we eat on automatic pilot.

We pick up bad habits and repeat them so often that then become hard-wired into the brain.   Until we modify the wiring, we WILL always be the same.

I'll give you one example that many will be able to relate to.  I noticed that when I have finger food, my hand travels to my mouth and back to the plate or bag and back to my mouth on automatic pilot.  If I move my focus away from my mind, I find that it has resumed the automatic shoveling motion.   Obviously this is a bad habit that needs breaking


The First Step on Any Journey is Knowing Where You Are

In this case it means figuring out what my bad habits are.  I need to be able to SEE them clearly in order to repudiate them when I see myself saying the "Same Old Same Old."

I am mentally strong enough to ignore other people's opinion.  While this is a great position to be in mentally, in my case it was an excuse to ignore that the others were right!

Behaviors/thoughts I Have Identified that so I can see them and say: " change."  (Rewiring my habits).

1 No-one will know if I eat three big cookies instead of one.

2. The Cookie is there, so obviously I need a cookie.

3 No-one will know if I stop for ice cream or a Frostie.

4 i am stopping for gas on a trip and I need candy bars etc for energy

5 No-one will know if I eat the bag of chips.

6. I'll hide the bag so my family won't see it if they walk thru the room.

7 i like this food and that and that until my plate is loaded.

8  I'll just take one more from the tray of sweets on the table.

8 I swallow the food and don't really savor the taste. Especially the 3 or 4 cookies.  

10. I need to be a member of the Clean Plate Club

11  I'm a big guy and I need more food.

12 "Be the empty mouth" I find that after I swallow part of a bite i am collecting the next fork full to put into my mouth before the previous bite is completely swallowed. That results in lots of food going in quickly and I don't give the body time to say "I'm full, you can quit"

13  The hand-fulls of popcorn at the movies empty the bucket without my noticing

14 my hands shovel finger food in a non-stop single motion.

15 "I don't want a salad bar, i don't like lettuce." - that is true, but I do like raw veggies and fruit 

16 i don't taste my food, I just eat.   (If I am going to eat it, savor it!)

17. Candies from the restaurant don't count, they are free and small.

18. Pop cycles don't count, they are just a few calories.

19. I love these cheese biscuits and they give us more if we finish the basket

20. Someone else in the family ordered these for me so it is okay for me to eat them

21 I joke about wanting food like chocolate

22 I'll take the bag to my chair and just have a few (never happens that way)

23 I'm not dieting so it won't make any difference.

24 I know I'm cheating, but since my weight won't change it won't make any difference.

25 There isn't enough on the plate to save for another meal so I'll just finish it up (Clean Plate Club)

26 Exercise is boring

27 Exercise is painful

28 I dont have time (I have more important things to do,)

29 Calling exercise torture

30 more...

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